Central Electricity Generating Board 0-4-0ST No. 15 ‘Eustace Forth’

Copyright © Robin R. Beck

October 29th, 2017
A loco that’s moved around more in preservation than in it’s working life. Supplied by Robert Stephensons and Hawthorns from their Newcastle upon Tyne works to the CRGB’s Dunston power station on the opposite bank of the river, where it spent it’s entire working life.

It was preserved and restored by the Hexham Rolling Stock Fund and worked a little on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, but was too small for that line’s needs as the public service started. It moved to the National Railway Museum at York, then to their Shildon Locomotion site. In both cases the idea was to provide a small steam loco for short rides at the museums. The museum didn’t repair it when it failed with boiler issues and it subsequently moved to the Foxfield Railway who have overhauled it and put it back to it’s original appearance.

— Steve Frost



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