No. 35028 “Clan Line” Down for Heavy Maintenance

Copyright (C) Dale W Fickés

The famous ex Southern Railway rebuilt Bulleid Merchant Navy Class Pacific No. 35028 “Clan Line” has had to be withdrawn from service for the rest of the year for heavy repairs to be carried out. As work to completed to repair the thermic syphons found on “Clan Line” at Stewarts Lane Depot. It had become clear though that more work is needed on the locomotive, and as a result, the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society have withdrawn the locomotive from hauling any more railtours in 2022. No. 35028 will leave Stewarts Lane for the work to be carried out by an external contracts for the work which will also see a retube of the boiler and superheater elements will be fitted, and once these tasks have been completed and a hydraulic test and checks complete before “Clan Line” returns to Stewarts Lane where it is hoped the locomotive will be back on the mainline again in 2023.

— Russell Newman


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